Apart from classroom activities, the role of extracurricular activities are also important for university students to enhance their university experience. These activities are based on a certain academic subject and competitive teams.

Newspaper Composition

Newspaper composition plays one of the great roles for YUFL students in keeping them up-to-date about all over the world. Their work brings information about business, social issues, sports, games, international news, education, celebrities, fairs, festivals, technologies, etc. It helps students in widening their knowledge, skills and technical awareness.

Poster Competition

Poster competition is an unforgettable experience for a YUFL English major student. It is held in the second part of the academic organized by the faculty members of English department at YUFL. Students from various departments participated in the event and expressed their views and thoughts through posters. They were filled with enthusiasm in their presentation.

Impromptu Talk Competition

YUFL is always inviting undergraduate students to compete in Impromptu Talk which is used to be held in second semester of every academic year. As a supportive activity to extra curricula, the aims of this competition are

  • To enlarge speech knowledge
  • To provide students with a rudimentary acquaintance with the differences and nature of unprepared discourse
  • To have public speaking skill with diplomatic manner
  • To have proper training in speaking for individual

Round Table Discussion

Another extra curricula activity for undergraduate students is “Round Table Discussion” on specific topics.  Followings are the aims and objectives of holding Round Table Discussion in YUFL.

  • To learn from a group of peer
  • To promote equal participation to enable foster decision through spontaneous conversation
  • To encourage participants to resolve issues of disagreement at a convenient time
  • To share different and diverse views of all participants through group works and coordination

Panel Discussion

Unlike Round Table Discussion, YUFL is also initiating in holding “Panel Discussion” talked by senior Professors and Heads on specific topic such as “Authentic Teaching Materials” and “Curriculum Development” in 2017-2018 Academic Year. Panel Discussion only focused on faculty members with the following aims and objectives.

  • To disseminate different ideas of faculty members in teaching and learning
  • To share knowledge about the same teaching methodology and teaching aid in giving lectures to students attending in different specialization
  • To explore more avenues in teaching methodology and design in language teaching


“Play” is a good extra curriculum activity to show and test of talent of students in their language learning and knowledge. The aims in holding “Play” in YUFL are as follows:-

  • To improve students’ fluency
  • To know more about the usages of various plays related to their specializations
  • To enhance their creativity and communicative skills


One of the extra curricula activities of YUFL is “Debate” which is a popular activity among students. Based on the defined topics with specific scope, students have to show their speaking and communicative talent in “Debate” with following objectives:

  • To improve the art of persuasive speaking by using the tools of deliberative rhetoric
  • To arrive at a conclusive notion about a certain issue in support of or against what the subject matter stands to propose, so as to pertain to development, intellectual logic and the theory of progress