There are two semester-end examination throughout the academic year. First semester examination will be in March and second semester exam will be September within the academic calendar.

In the context of examination fail, one-time fail or in short 1F is assumed only when a student failed in any semester of a specific academic year. Student has the right to sit exam during the consecutive academic year only for those subjects he/she failed in the previous semester.

If a student fails in two-times or in short 2F within the two academic year, it can be assumed an external student who has no right to attend the regular classes offering at the university. But he/she has the right to sit exam in the consecutive academic year as a registered external student. If he/she fails again as external student, there will be objection to accept as a student of the YUFL.

For regular classes, the examination form will be registered by the students enrolled at the beginning of the academic year, in every second week of February for first semester and in every second week of August for second semester.

For those programmes focusing on entrance of Ph D, Master and Diploma, the entrance examinations are usually held in November. Moreover, students have to sit at least three times in written examination or proficiency tests for language classes offering under the title of Human Resource Development Center. If he/she does miss to register the examination form, it will be assumed as one time fail or 1F.