Computer Branch or IT Unit

The Computer Branch or IT Unit is taking the duty of applying ICT methods in managing day-to- day works of all departments of YUFL such as Admin Units, Academic Units and Academic Departments. The Branch is also taking in charge of loading all data from every departments and units of the University, establishing staff database management system, recording all specific works of Ministry of Education, Video Conferencing and Tele Meeting of Rectors’ Committee to carry out higher education development and providing smart cards to Academic and Administrative departments.
This Branch has the responsibility to develop and upgrade ICT Capacity to all faculty and staff members of the YUFL through providing ICT training courses in line with the ever changing situation of software technology.
One of the peculiar systems to be transparent and accountable in managing routine works of the YUFL, e-government system is now being conducted within and outside department of the University without time consuming. Under the guidance of Rector, this Unit is helping to all staff and faculty members to register personal email account, to use WorkPlace and WorkChart software in reporting all office works to Rector and Heads of Department concerned within the short time frame. For the students, this branch is taking responsibility to check plagiarism on master theses submitted by the faculty members and term-paper or project papers which is one of the requirements for all final year students for their graduation.
As a support to Students’ Affairs Unit, this ICT Branch or Computer Branch is taking in charge of loading online application and selecting the applicants for all language courses offering under the Center for Human Resource Development Program. One of the examples is the selection of university entrance for students who applied to YUFL after matriculation exams.
For better communication within the university campus, this Unit has attempted to negotiate with Myanmar Post and Telecommunication to install Fiber Internet Access, campus’s wifi system, ICT teaching aid and devices to students and teachers for effective learning outcome and doing research. ICT Branch or Computer Branch is the only unit which is providing the YUFL to have good communication access to the world.

ICT Branch Staffs

Sr. Designation Number
1 Assistant Director 1
2 Staff Officer 3
3 Computer Operator 1
4 Deputy Assistant Computer Operator 2