A Brief Background of the Department

The Korean Department was established officially at the Institute of Foreign Languages in September, 1993. In due course the Department began to offer courses for personnel from various governments for whom a functional knowledge of Korean was considered essential in the performance of their official duties.

After being upgraded the Institute to the University, the Department provides BA Courses and CHRD Level Courses.

There are quite a lot of job opportunities for the one who is expert in Korean. Nowadays, the graduated students of Korean specialization are offered by many Korean and foreign companies, and employers to join them. So, we would like to encourage Korean specialization students to master in Korean Language. We warmly welcome you to study Korean at YUFL. There are a variety of courses such as Ph.D, MA, BA, Diploma and Certificate courses opened at YUFL.


To nature well-qualified graduate students capable of continuous learning.


Through learning Japanese, students can contribute to the creation of cooperative society of Japan and Myanmar at the grassroots level while acquiring knowledge of language, culture and social customs of both countries and deepening their understanding of multicultural society.

Through various class activities, students can participate proactively in 21st century society through cooperating and collaborating with others while learning autonomously over lifelong and acquiring abilities tofind problems and to solve them.

In addition to mastering the competence to realize the success of life in the 21st century society, each student can establish identity and develop rich human nature with individuality.

Heads of the Korean Department

No. Name Designation Duration
1 Dr. Kim Yong Ho Visiting Professor 1993-1995
2 Dr. Lee Eun Gu Visiting Professor 1995-1996
3 Daw Khin Su Su Haing Lecturer 1996-2001
4 Daw Khin Myat Thu Professor 2001-2010
5 Dr. Myint Myint Maw Professor 2010-up to now
6 Daw Sein Sein Aye Associate Professor 2014 August-2017 August

Korean Native Teachers from KOICA

No. Name
1 Mr. Kang Hee Jong
2 Mr. Joo Hyeon Cheol
3 Ms. Chang Heiri

Native Teachers in Korean Department

No. Name Duration
1 Dr. Kim Yong Ho (5-8-1993 ~ 24-3-1995)
2 Dr. Lee Eun Gu (23-8-1993 ~ 25-2-1996)
3 Dr. Kim Sung Soo (1-9-1995~1-8-1996)
4 Ms. Kim Jeong Ran (16-9-1997~15-9-1998)
5 Ms. Eum Yoon Hee (6-6-1998~31-8-2000)
6 Ms. Lee Ji Eun (KOICA) (5-8-1998~4-7-2001)
7 Mr. Kim Min Soo (KOICA) (24-7-2000~18-7-2002)
8 Mr. Cho Min Ho (KOICA) (18-12-2001~11-12-2003)
9 Ms. Han Jae Eun (KOICA) (1-12-2001~13-11-2002)
10 Mr. Roh Jae Hwan (KOICA) (12-1-2004~2-1-2006)
11 Mr. Jeon Kyeon Hoon (KOICA) (12-1-2004~6-1-2006)
12 Ms. Park Mi Yeong (KOICA) (19-11-2004~22-8-2006)
13 Ms. Hong Sae Mi (KOICA) (15-2-2006~6-1-2007)
14 Ms. Yoon Yong Soon(KOICA) (15-2-2006~14-2-2008)
15 Ms. Baek Seon Hyon(KOICA) (15-2-2006~6-10-2007)
16 Ms. Kim Seon Yong (KOICA) (23-10-2007~18-2-2009)
17 Ms. Choi Yoon Hye(KOICA) (23-10-2007~22-10-2009)
18 Ms. Park Jeong Ha(KOICA) (7-1-2010~7-11-2010)
19 Ms. Lee Hong Bok(KOICA) (7-1-2010~7-11-2010)
20 Mr. Cheon Yong Bok(KOICA)
21 Mr. Cheong Dal Yong(KOICA) (3-12-2015~ 2-12-2018)
22 Ms. Lee Nan Ju (KOICA) (31-8-2015~24-8-2018)
23 Ms. Park In Ja(KOICA) (30-5-2016~29-5-2018)
24 Mr. Kang Hee Jong(KOICA) (19 -3-2018~ up to now)
25 Mr. Joo Hyon Chol(KOICA) (19 -3-2018~ up to now)
26 Ms. Chang Heiri(KOICA) (30-11-2018~ up to now)

The Department offers the bachelor’s degree in Korean, the post-graduate Korean diploma and the Master’s degree and will start Ph.Das well in 2018 June.

BA Degree Programme

Since 2000-2001 academic year, BA (Korean) three-year Programme had been launched. It has been extended to four-year-Programme since 2011-2012 academic year with the introduction of the new system in undergraduate courses.

MA(Qualifying) programme

MA(Qualifying) Programme started in 2008 for those who are qualified for attending the MA courses.


MA (Korean) course has been introduced since 2010 academic year. The students are also provided with the knowledge of teaching language and literature and the subjects related to applied linguistics.

Korean language proficiency Programme under HRDProgramme

Under the Human Resource Development Programme, there are 6 levels in the language proficiency classes, Basic I, Basic- II, Intermediate- I, Intermediate-II and Advanced I, and Advanced- II. They are conducted for 3 months to 6 months.

Student Population

At present there are altogether nearly 1,000 students enrolled at the different levels of academic Programmes.

Staff Strength

The Korean Department has 18 staff, including 1 Professor, 1 AssociateProfessor, 6 lecturers, 5 assistant lecturers and 4 tutors. All of its staff members hold tertiary qualifications, including 2 PhDs, 2 PhD thesis candidates and 7 Masters degrees and 7 Master candidates.

Daw Sein Sein Aye

Dr. Thanda Kyaw

Daw Saw Shin Ngwe

Daw Ei Shwe Sin Win

Daw Aye Mya Thandar Maung

Daw Zin Mu Mu Thin

Daw Wai Nu San

Daw Hnin Myat Noe Oo

Daw May Poe Phyu

Daw Poe Ei Hlaing

Daw Aye Myat Thu