The Yangon University of Foreign Languages is been offering Bachelor Degrees specializing in Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Thai languages. There are some languages such as Italian and Spanish which are being offered as part time programs under the title of Human Resource Development Programmes supported by the native speakers.

In the context of university entrance procedure, those students passed the matriculation exam with the score that can be in reachable range of specific specialization can apply his/her application to the Department of Higher Education giving priority to the YUFL. However, according to new procedure for university entrance introduce by the Ministry of Education in 2018, the YUFL, one of the eleven universities, has started the new entrance procedure for students who earned minimum score in matriculation exam that can meet the score of respective specialization language of the YUFL can directly submit the application to the university where has/she has to sit for personal interview. All students who meet the minimum score of respective specialization language are permitted to register at the Students’ Affairs Unit of Academic Affairs Department. Those selected candidates should be in line with legal status of citizenship law of Myanmar.

The followings are the necessary documents to bring together for enrollment: –

  • – Personal Data
  • – National Registration Card and a copy
  • – 4 Passport size photos

Requirement for Diploma (For all part time and full time diploma classes)

  • – Registration for entrance exam
  • – Entrance exam (English)

 Requirement for M. A (Qualifying Class) (For all part time and full time diploma classes)

  • – Criteria that must be eligible to proceed to M. A (Qualifying) class

Requirement for M. A Class

  • – Must pass the exam in M. A Qualifying classes (Chinese, French, German, Korean, Russian and Thai )

For M.A Specialization in English

  • – Must be a B. A (English) from any university
  • – Must complete the Diploma in English, the full time programme  offered by the Yangon University of Foreign Languages
  • – Must pass the M. A entrance examination for English specialization

International Students

  • – Between July and August, international students can be accessible to download the Application Form from the website of Myanmar Embassy in respective countries
  • – Application must be submitted from the Myanmar Embassy to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar
  • – Individual or group applications can be submitted to the respective Myanmar Embassy
  • – No direct application to the University is permitted
  • – International students can be permitted only after the Ministry of Education