Variety Courses in YUFL

Degree Programs

There are undergraduate programme, master programme, Ph. D progrmme that are running as part time as well as full time classes in YUFL. Besides, there are postgraduate diploma and certificates under the Center of Human Resource Development. Details can be seen in links on the web.
Under the undergraduate progrmmes, there are eight languages offering Bachelor degree in Chinese, English, French, German, Japan, Korea, Russian and Thai languages. It has to take four years to complete the degree.
The Master programmes including Qualifying classes are now being offered in the Departments of Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russia and Thai as two year full time programs. Unlike other Master program, Master Degree for English is one year full time programme.
Ph D Programmes are now being offered to Ph D candidates who passed Ph D entrance exam to attend Ph D preliminary Classes. Another channel to join the Ph D programme targeted to senior faculty members. Ph D Programmes are now opened in the Departments of Chinese and Korean Languages.

For Foreign Students

There are numbers of students who came from different parts of the world to seek the opportunity to learn Myanmar as foreign language. Myanmar Language programmes are conducted in YUFL for the four year-bachelor-degree, two-year full time diploma and one year Myanmar language proficiency Programmes (Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Levels) :

  1. BA (4 years) Programmes
  2. Diploma Full-Time (2 years) Programme
  3. Myanmar language proficiency (1 year) Programmes :

(Basic, Intermediate & Advanced Levels)