To be an international university in language and foreign studies that sustainably produces highly qualified language specialists and professionals by maintaining high pedagogic and academic standards through extensive study of the language, culture, arts, social affairs, economy, politics and diplomacy of various countries of the world that have linkages with Myanmar.

To establish and develop a pedagogic and academic environment that fosters intercultural understanding and interaction in society and promotes linguistic, academic and cultural exchanges.

To be a leading university for teaching and learning Myanmar as a foreign language, building advanced Myanmar language proficiency and conducting related research that serves as a repository of knowledge, skills and resources in its area of expertise, and as a centre of learning providing assistance and support in teaching Myanmar as a foreign language to international educational institutions and institutions of higher learning.

To provide linkages with the language service requirements in the workplace as a specialized language research centre that provides support, innovation and research-lead development in the field of teaching and learning languages.


To consolidate and enhance the position of the University as Myanmar’s leading international institution of higher learning in the field of language and foreign studies producing highly qualified language specialists and professionals contributing to the socio-economic development of the nation


To produce specialists in foreign languages & facilitate the modernization of Myanmar by making the knowledge of foreign languages accessible to as many Myanmar nationals as possible

To develop the communicative competence of Myanmar entrepreneurs and other professionals in foreign language

To equip state scholars going abroad for further studies with necessary communication skills in respective foreign languages

To teach Myanmar language to interested foreign learners