Dr. Myint Myint Maw (Professor & Head of Department)

Professor Dr. Myint Myint Maw

Professor & Head 

Korean Department

Academic Background

– M.Com(Yangon University of Economics)

– MA (Korean Linguistics, Seoul National University)

-Ph.D (Korean Linguistics, Seoul National University)



– Government Financial Management Training(UNDP- Yangon University of Economics)

– Diploma in Korean(Yangon University of Foreign Languages)

– Diploma in Korean (Yonsei University)

– Diploma in Education Management (Yangon University of Economics)

– Korean Language Training (Kyung-Hee University)

– Capacity Development for Korean Language Teachers (Korea University)

– 19th. Intenational Conference on Hoonminjeongum (Korea)

– 26th International Conference on Korean Language and Literature Education(China)

– 4th. International Conference on Korea Studies in South Asia (Sri Lanka)


Papers and Publications

– A Comparative Study of Question Words in Korean and Myanmar Language

– A Study of the usage of Plural Morphene “들(deul)” in Korean Language

– A Study of the usage of “Verb+아/어/여지다(a/eo/yeo ji da)” in Korean

– A Study on Korean- Myanmar Dictionary(2008)

– A Comparative Study of Serial Verb Construction in Korean and Myanmar

– The Future Aspects of Korean Language Education in YUFL

– The Current Status and Prospects of Korea Studies in Myanmar

– A Comparative Study of Animal Proverbs in Korean and Myanmar

– A Semantical Analysis of Korean Idioms related to eyes


Publishing Books

– Korean-Myanmar Dictionary (2002)

-Korean-Myanmar Dictionary and Classified Words (2008)

– Korean Grammar (2010)

– Korean Grammar and Exercises(2013)