Department History

The department of Oriental Studies at Yangon University of Foreign Languages has been established since 1996. All Students who specialize in Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Thai require to learn oriental studies to complete their BA Programme. Although we teach students as a minor (Supplementary) subject for Bachelor Degree at Yangon University of Foreign Languages, our Oriental Studies Department plays on important role in academic fields. The department of Oriental Studies prescribed Pali Grammar, Pali Literature and History of Buddhism for local students and international students.

Faculty Member of Oriental Studies Department


Name : Dr Mi Moe Aye

Postion :

Educational Background :

Area of Interest :

Email :

Daw Yu Yu Khine

Name : Daw Yu Yu Khine

Postion : Assistant Lecturer

Educational Background : M.A (OS)

Area of Interest :  Literature

Email : [email protected]