Department History

Yangon University of Foreign Languages has a good location and it is also well known for leading university in Myanmar which teaches foreign languages.  Parents like (YUFL) for its good discipline that is popular among Myanmar Universities. In July 2011, I was delighted and appointed as the Head of the Department in the Department of International relations, Yangon University of Foreign Languages. I feel that I had a wonderful opportunity to establish a new Department in the popular University.  I would like to lead in the department for disseminating knowledge of international relations for language specializing students and share one of the classroom motto which I like.

Help each other

Use kind words

Do the right Thing

Share Everything

Tell the Truth

Never give up

Do your best ….. always.

Ask questions

Say please and thank you

Be responsible

Work Hard

Play fair

Be grateful for what you have

Don’t Whine

Have fun

(Credit to)

Kimberly Gillow



Department of International Relations of Yangon University of Foreign Languages is located in No 119/131 University Avenue Road in Kamayut Township, Yangon Region in Myanmar. It was founded in 2011 as a separate and new department in YUFL. Before 2011, it was attached with the department of Philosophy for department’s administrative affairs.


About the course

All language specializing students who study Chinese, English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian and Thai are required to learn International Relations to complete their B.A programs.

The name of the Course to be learned by the students at Third Year (Second Semester) is IR 3011- Introduction to International Relations.  The content of the Course is as follows:

  1. The State System
  2. Interaction Among States: Conflict & Cooperation
  3. Political Aspects of International Relations
  4. Economic Aspects of International Relations
  5. Military Aspects of International Relations
  6. Cultural Aspects of International Relations
  7. Current Issues In International Relations


Current Research topics that have being conducted by department’s staff are as follows:

  • Migration Issues in Europe
  • United States foreign Policy towards Southeast  Asia
  • Arab Israeli Conflicts since 2014
  • Overview of International Terrorism
  • Myanmar- China Relations after Political Reforms in Myanmar since 2011


The total number of staff of the department was 8 in 2017, one Professor, one Associate Professor, three Lecturers, and two Assistant Lecturers.

All academic staff has been working in teaching, research and extra curriculum activities of the University. The Department has been always encouraging learning new knowledge for sustainable quality enhancement in supporting teaching and making research. It has always enthusiastically been seeking new teaching and learning strategies focusing on student centered approach for outcome based learning in order to promote graduate’s quality. In addition, attending seminars, trainings and workshops at domestic and international level are considerable throughout the academic years.

Faculty Member of International Relations Department

Dr. Win Mar Hlaing

Name              : Dr. Win Mar Hlaing

Postion          : Professor & Head

Area of Interest : International Security and Politics

Email              :  [email protected]

Dr. Thant Yin Win

Name              : Dr. Thant Yin Win

Postion          : Lecturer

Area of Interest : Foreign Policy, Government and Politics of Myanmar, Southeast Asian Politics

Email              :  [email protected]

Daw Tin Tin Mar San

Name              : Daw Tin Tin Mar San

Postion          : Assistant Lecturer

Area of Interest : China’s Studies, Politics of Government, Diplomacy

Email              :  [email protected]