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Those who would like to learn foreign languages effectively usually choose “YUFL with its prestigious practices”. The students will also study history, abranch of social science, together with respective foreign languages, there. Some wrongly think history is an idle subject related with pagoda histories and many dates are not easy to remember but it is indeed an essential subject to study for “the development of social life and human kind”. Its subject involves concern for the study of what is happening in the world we live and how the cultural development of a country is achieved. “If someone does not really know about the history of his or her own country and cannot tell anything of the country’s history, he or she would not be able to enthusiastically contribute to the nation building”.  “Our History Department emphasizes rational and critical thinking of history subject through quantitative and qualitative approaches which would result in the benefits of the students”.


History Department in University of Foreign Language (Yangon) is in the fourth floor of NB building.


Background History

From 2000 to 2002, all the academic and administrative duties were coordinated by the Department of History, University of Yangon. The teaching staffs were under the administration of professor of English Department in 1997. A lecturer from Department of Philosophy from YUFL supervised the teaching staff of History Department from 1998 to 2003. On 18 April 2003, History Department became a full-fledged supporting department of YUFL consisting of a professor, an associate professor, lecturers and assistant lecturers. The Heads of History Departments in YUFL from 1997 to present can be seen as follows:

No. From To Name Post/Department
1 14.10.97 31.12.97 Mr. Dar Yar Yen Professor/Head, English Dept;
2 14.4.03 13.4.03 Daw Thin Thin Swe Lecturer/Head, Philosophy Dept;
3 1.1.98 3.1.16 Daw Nyo Nyo Tin Professor/Head, History Dept;

About the course

Current, History department in YUFL, with a staff of 4 four is teaching students with modern teaching methodology and systematic lesson plans to wider their understanding of history. The curriculum and syllabus of history department are as follows:

No. Class Languages Specialization Module Name Module No.
1 First Year All Languages Aspect of Myanmar AM.1001
2 Second Year Languages of Chinese, Japanese , Korean Modern East Asia Hist-2007
3 Second Year Languages of English, French, German, Russian Contemporary Europe Hist-2008
4 Second Year Thai Language Contemporary Southeast Asia Hist-2009
5 Second Year Myanmar Language Myanmar Culture and History Hist-2010

During 2017-2018, the research papers of History Department are;


Monthly reading papers …..                                      (9)

Departmental Research…..                                       (2)

Research paper of (53)th  Anniversary of YUFL…..  (1)

The papers of YUFL Research Journal…..               (2)

Faculty Members of History Department

Dr Khin Thidar
Name : Dr. Khin Thida
Position : Professor & Head
Area of Interest : Art History of Myanmar, Cultural History of Myanmar,
Buddhism in Konbaung Perid
Email : [email protected] , [email protected] ,
[email protected]

Apart from teaching duties, the department has been always pursuing new knowledge for sustainable quality enhancement in supporting teaching and making research. All academic staff from History Department participates in talks on the national historic days such as the Independent Day, the Union Day, and the Martyred Day in order to inspire the national spirit and to upgrade the national pride to the students. Moreover, they participate as in Sports duties, Red Cross campaigns and other activities in the university.

Ongoing Research of History Department

Sr Name Position Title of Research Categories Year
1 Dr. Khin Thidar Professor, Head The Floating Festivals in Rivers Myanmar Individual 2019
2 Dr. Khin Thidar Professor, Head Town in Okmraccañ- Down Range of Ayeyawady River
in Myanmar in the 19th Century
Individual 2019
3 Dr. Sanda Win Associate Professor Formulation of British colonial policy in Myanmar
during the colonial period
Departmental Research 2019
4 Dr. Thida Myint Lecturer History of Nyaung Yan-Min Hla Lake Individual 2019
5 Prevention of Fire in Konbaung Period Individual 2019
6 Dr.Mya Phyu Moe Assistant Lecturer Ritual Practices of Myanmar Boats Individual 2019