Head of Myanmar Department

Professor  Kyi Kyi Moe started her job as a tutor in October 1986. She got her first BA degree in 1985 and BA (Honours) in 1986. Then she got MA (Myanmar) in 1994 and Ph.D (Myanmar) in 2007 from Yangon University.


1986-1994       Tutor, Myanmar Department, Yangon University (Hlaing Campus)

1994-1995       Tutor, Myanmar Department, Dagon University

1995-1995       Assistant Lecturer, Myanmar Department, Dagon University

1995-1996       Assistant Lecturer, Myanmar Department, Pyay Degree College

1996-2000       Assistant Lecturer, Myanmar Department, Meikhtilar Degree College

2000-2001       Assistant Lecturer, Myanmar Department, Yangon University

2001-2008       Lecturer, Myanmar Department, Yangon University

2008-2009       Lecturer, Myanmar Department, Myeik University

2009-2011       Associate Professor, Myanmar Department, Myingyan Degree College

2011-2015       Professor, Myanmar Department, Loikaw University

2015-Today     Professor & Head, Myanmar Department, Yangon University of Foreign Languages

2006-2008       Facilitator of ‘Tourism Diploma Course’ National Management College, Yangon

2012-2014       Facilitator of ‘Tourism Diploma Course’ Mandalay University, Mandalay

Further Studies

2003          :     Diploma in English in Yangon University.

2004          :     Diploma in Tourism (D.T.S.M) in Yangon University.

2005          :     ‘Business Communication English’ in Singapore Training Center, Myanmar.

2012          :     ‘Workshop in Design and Method of Social Research’ in Yangon University.

2013          :     ‘Hospitality Management’ in Singapore Training Center, Yangon.

2013          :     Hotel & Restaurant Operation Course (Certificate Course) in Mae Fah Luang University, Thailand.


2006 :  ‘What is Tourism’ in the Journal of Myanmar Academy of Arts and Science
2011 :  ‘A Studies of Adaptations’ in Myingyan Degree College Research Journal
2012(Vol 3) :  A Study of the Similarities Between  English Proverbs and Myanmar Proverbs’ in Loikaw University Research Journal
2015 :  ‘A Studies of the Morphology of Kayah Language Focusing on Linguistics’ in Loikaw University Departmental Research
2015(Vol 7) ‘The Characteristic of Adapted Novels’ in Yangon University of Foreign Languages Research Journal
2017 :  ‘A Study of the Kayah Compound Words’ in 53rd Annual Paper Reading, Yangon University of Foreign Languages

International papers

2015 : (1)  International Tourism Education Forum.
: (2)   China-ASEAN Tourism Development Seminar in Qiongzhou University, Sanya, PR.China.
2018 : (3)   ‘13th International Burma Studies Conference’ in Bangkok, Thailand.