Daw Mie Mie Pyone

( Lecturer Head of Department of Italian)


Italy is a country which possesses a long culture and civilization. It conserves the civilization of Rome period till now and we can see it clearly. Today, Italian food such as spaghetti and pizza become Myanmar’s preference. Moreover, everyone knows that Italian fashion and cosmetics are very popular.  Nowadays, smokeless factories or tourism market is important in the country’s economy. Although many Italian tourists come to visit Myanmar, there is lack of Italian speaking guides.  Moreover, Italian companies and restaurants need employees, therefore those who are interested in Italian language become numerous.

Italian language was taught at Institute of Foreign Languages before and it was stopped in 1980 for some reasons.  And after 35 years of pause, it was active again in February 2015.

Meanwhile, there are only 2 years full-time diploma courses; however, we have plans to extend BA courses and part-time diploma courses after recruiting local teachers.  For the time being, there are only one lecturer and head of department, one part-time professor local and one native professor at the department of Italian.
Welcome to the Department of Italian!

History of Italian Department

In Yangon University of Foreign Languages, Department of Italian was established on the 18th February, and full-time diploma in Italian language course was opened the same day. Italian diploma course was once opened at Institute of Foreign Languages in 1970 and it was stopped for some reasons in 1980.  Now with the help of Ms. Brunetti, ex-Ambassador of Italy for Myanmar, and with the contribution of the government of Italy, the department was re-established and the full-time diploma course could be reopened.  At first, there are only three teachers: one native teacher and two local teachers. Then in 2016, with the program of IMPAKT from Erasmus Mundus foundation, two Italian professors came for 6 months. At first batch, 26 students attended and second batch has only 10 students. Now, for third batch, 20 students are attending.

As the first batch has finished in September 2016, they will attend the ceremony of graduation in January 2017. Three students from first batch got the scholarship given by the Italian government for the University of Foreign Languages in Siena, Italy, from April to June 2016. Two students are now studying Italian languages in University of Sapienza in Rome with 10 months scholarship of IMPAKT program. Moreover, a second year diploma student will go to study Italian language to Rome in April 2017 for 6 months scholarship given by the Italy government.  We will recruit local teachers from those outstanding students and intend to develop the department and open more classes: under-graduate and part-time diploma classes.  For the time being, an Italian native teacher has arrived and we will try our best to improve teaching and learning Italian language.