Department History

We teach students philosophy as a minor (supplementary) subject for Bachelor degree at  Yangon University of Foreign Languages. Philosophy is an excellent choice for everyone who is studying higher education because philosophy provides strong critical and analytical skills which
are important elements of all professional fields and academic disciplines.  Teaching philosophy and logic give us various advantages to improve logical and systematical
writing, reading, listening and speaking skills. Moreover, it can also cultivate students to have  strong reasoning power in solving problems and issues in economic, political and social  fields. So you can apply the knowledge of philosophy and logic in your professional workplace and in daily life.
As Albert Einstein said, “education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”. Similarly philosophy teaches how to think critically the quest of wisdom to live a good life. It can be said that philosophy plays the important role in education.
That’s why you can have several benefits for yourself as well as for your society by studying

About the Department of Philosophy

The department of Philosophy was established in 1997 at YUFL. U Daryayan, professor of  English managed the philosophy department from 14 October 1997 to 31 December 1997. The   following were appointed as heads of the philosophy department at Yangon University of
Foreign Languages.

(1) Daw Thin Thin Swe, Lecturer (1998-2005)
(2) Daw Tin Tin Yin, Professor (2005-2008)
(3) Daw Thin Thin Swe, Associate Professor (2008-2011)
(4) Daw Le Le Khaing, Professor (2011- 1015)

Currently, Professor Dr San San Aye is Head of the Department of Philosophy. The Philosophy Department is located in NB, Room 207 in the YUFL campus.

Faculty Member of Philosophy Department