Message from Pro-Rector (Dean of Social Science)

                                          Yangon University of Foreign Languages


As a Dean of Social Science, I would like to welcome you to Yangon University of Foreign Languages. Our University has five values: Team work, Visionary, Shared leadership, Professionalism and Integrity. With these values, YUFL has been trying to provide nine proficiency languages by forming two faculties, Faculty of Languages and Faculty of Social Science. Students who learn languages have an opportunity to take social science subjects either as a compulsory or elective course that will contribute their future career and meet ambitions. You will also have a chance to join Social Science international seminars and conferences during your study at the YUFL. I am confident that the University will continue to navigate its way towards academic excellence with its five values and looking forward to partake the success journey through the position of Dean.

Academic Degrees

1984-1992: B.A (Hons) (International Relations), University of Yangon
1993-1996: M.A (International Relations), University of Yangon
2000-2004: PhD (International Relations), University of Yangon


Professional Experience

1993 – 1998: Tutor
International Relations Department, University of Yangon, Yangon Myanmar
1998 – 2003: Assistant Lecturer
International Relations Department, University of Yangon, Yangon, Myanmar
2003 – 2006: Lecturer
International Relations Department, University of Yangon, Yangon Myanmar
2006 – 2009: Lecturer/Head
International Relations Department, University of Yangon, Yangon Myanmar
2009 – 2011: Associate Professor /Head
International Relations Department, University of Yangon, Yangon, Myanmar
2011 – 2020: Professor /Head
International Relations Department, University of Yangon, Yangon, Myanmar
2020 – present: Pro-Rector (Dean of Social Science)
Yangon University of Foreign Languages (YUFL)
2013 – 2016: Member of Myanmar ISIS, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
2016 – 2020: Member, Advisory Group for Establishing Diplomatic Academy,
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Myanmar
2016 – present: Advisor to Union Civil Service Board, Myanmar


Visiting Professor/Research Fellow

10- 5- 15 – 13- 6- 15 Visiting Professor (ANU)
13- 7- 15 – 27- 7- 15 Visiting Professor (Passau University)
31-10-16 – 20-11-16 Research Fellow (NUPI)
14-11-18 – 23-11-18 AUA Scholar Awards


Research Skills

Books and Chapters Publication

  1.     “ Political Relations between Myanmar and India”, Change in Myanmar, Delhi, Shipra Publications, 2014
  2.     “ Myanmar Foreign policy under New Government” edited Myanmar Reintegrating into the International Community, World Scientific Publishing Co. Ltd, 2016
  3.     “ Institutions in Myanmar’s 2015 election: The election commission, international agencies and the military“, Conflict in Myanmar, ISEAS publication, Singapore, 2016
  4.   “ Can New Myanmar Contribute to BCIM Integration? BCIM Economic Cooperation, Interplay of Geo-economics and Geo-politics, Routledge Taylor and Francis Group, 2019
  1. “Values in Myanmar’s Foreign Policy”, Values in Foreign Policy, Investigating Ideals and Interests, New York, Roman and Littlefield, 2019

Local Journals Publication

  1. “A Comparative Study of the Status of Women between ROK and Myanmar”, Journal of Asia Research Centre, Vol 3, No 1, 2013
  1. “Myanmar’s Reform and its Impact on Myanmar-China Relations”, Journal of Asia Research Centre, Volume 5, No.1 & 2, University of Yangon, 2016
  2. “ Foreign Direct Investment in Oil and Gas Sector in Myanmar”, Journal of Asia Research Center, Volume 5, No.1, University of Yangon, 2017
  1. “Myanmar-India Interactions in the Changing Context of Asia-Pacific Strategic Landscape”, University of Yangon Research Journal, Vol 8, University of Yangon, 2018

International Proceedings

  1. “ The role of Women Managers in the 21st Century”, International Women Managers Program, Central Officials Training Institute & Korea International cooperation Agency June 14-24, 2005
  2. “ Political Development in Myanmar” Insights into Myanmar History, SEAMEO Regional Centre for History and Tradition, Yangon, Myanmar, March 2013
  3. “ Women’s’ Role in Myanmar Politics”, SEASIA 2017, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, 16 December, 2017
  4. “ Energy Cooperation: risk or rich factor for Myanmar” 2nd NACAI Forum on ASEAN-China Energy Resources Cooperation in the Diamond Decade, Shanghai, China, 27 May 2018
  5. “ Gender Equality: Empowering Myanmar Women in Peace Process” Asia University Forum 2019, Manila, 9-10 February, 2019
  6. “Managing University in Transition Myanmar: Challenges and Prospects”, Myanmar Update Conference on Managing Challenges during Myanmar’s Transition, University of Yangon, August 2019
  7. “Myanmar-China Relations: Joint Response to Fight Poverty in the Context of UN SDGs”, Think Tank Summit on Myanmar-China Relations in the New Era, Institute of Myanmar Studies, Yunnan University,15, January 2020
  8.  “ ASEAN-China Cooperation in the fight against COVID-19”, Fourth Online Virtual NACAI Forum, University of Yangon, 21 November 2020

International Seminar Papers (non-publication)

  1. Holocaust Education in Myanmar”, Seminar organized by Embassy of Israel, Myanmar and Ministry of Education, Diamond Jubilee Hall, Yangon, 27 January, 2012
  2.     “ Political Development and Its Impact on Foreign Relations”, Shanghai, Shanghai Institution of International Studies, 14 April, 2012
  3.     “ Political Status of Women in Myanmar”, International Conference on” Population in the Asian Century”, Australia National University and University of Yangon, Myanmar, 4-5 February, 2013
  4.     “ Myanmar’s Potential for BIMSTEC under New Government”, Curtain Raiser on BIMSTEC organized by Center for Studies in IR and Development (CSIRD) and Institute of Foreign Policy Studies (IFPS), University of Calcutta, Yangon, 15 May, 2013
  5.     “ Myanmar’s Reform” Forum on Indonesia-Myanmar Dialogue on Democratic Transition, Yangon, 26-28 June, 2013
  6.     “ Myanmar-China Relations: Maintaining Pauk-Phaw Relations”, Joint seminar with Chung Ang University, Republic of Korea and University of Yangon, Myanmar, 5 August, 2013
  7.     “ US-China Relations: View from Myanmar”, Track II Dialogue, Wellington, New Zealand 24 August, 2013
  8.     “ Security Issues in Myanmar and her Perspectives in the Asia- Pacific Region” US/UK Myanmar Dialogue on Enhancing Mutual Understanding of Non-Proliferation Regimes, Yangon, Myanmar, 7-8 February, 2014
  9.     “ Myanmar’s Reform and her Relations with Southeast Asia ” Trajectories of Southeast Asian History, Combined Workshop by University of Yangon and Passau University, University of Yangon, 19 February, 2014
  10.     “ Assessing the Perspectives of the EU and ASEAN on China’s OBOR Initiative” (available at MISIS, MOFA Website)
  11.      “ Post Election Myanmar Foreign Policy” (available at the MISIS, MOFA website).
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