Thin Thin Kyi

Daw Thin Thin Kyi

On January 10th 2002, she started working as an accountant (4) at Dagon University. On August 21st 2002, she was transferred to West Yangon University where she later earned a promotion assistant computer operator on October 3rd 2003. There, she also got promoted to computer operator on November 15th 2007. And yet again, she won a promotion to assistant system manager at Hpa An University on December 10th 2015. Recently, she has been transferred back to Yangon and is now working at YUFL (Yangon University of Foreign Languages).

Function of Student Service Centre

The next unit of Academic Branch, the Students’ Hostel Unit is responsible to allocate permission to stay in student hostel around the university campus for students who are living in local areas or outside of Yangon Municipal areas. The Akari Hall near the Yangon University of Foreign Language is the only hostel for Myanmar female students. Thida Hall which is the property of the Department of Higher Education is for foreign female students who are studying Myanmar Language at the Yangon University of Foreign Languages. For male students from both local and international, the hostel is now under being construction. Currently, male students from local areas are permitted to stay in Sagaing Hall, Tha Htone Hall and Pyinya Hall of the University of Yangon.

Faculty Members of Student Service Centre


Daw Ni Ni Win
Upper Division Clerk
[email protected]